Since 1972

top quality mechanical processing


We are able to supply advanced solutions and turnkey completed implants, in synergy and cooperation with important industrial realities of the sector.

Our important human and technological resources highly qualified guarantee to the customer an high level of competence, organization and flexibility.




Operative Surface

2D & 3D design

Electric and software design


Our structure is able to satisfy every stage of processing,
from the realization of the carpentry to the assembling and final testing.

Cutting-edge machinery and highly qualified staff, allow us to make very high standards service and quality.

Metal sheet

The metal sheet department, counts 5 operators using the laser cut, press-bending, cutting and stamping machines. view department

Profile Processing Department

This department specializes in processing profiles using a laser system and two CNC machines for cutting profiles. view department

Carpentry construction department

The carpentry department counts 9 operators for the assembly and n. 2 operators for the profiles cutting machines and use of radial drill for punching, threading, countersink processes. view department

Industrial Painting Department

The industrial painting department, is equipped for the painting of the big dimensions structures, weight and encumbrances. view department

Assembling And Final Test Department

Assembling dept counts 8 internal operators that, in case of any need, are integrated with trustable external collaborators with which the company has been cooperating for many years. view department