Industrial Painting Department

The industrial painting dept. counts 9 operators for the different cycles of work

The dept. has of the following equipments:
Zone for the degrease and washing of the pieces

- N 1 polymerization static oven (dim. 9000x4000mm)
- n. 1 modular automatic implant completed of charging zone, washing tunnel, drying oven, powder painting manual cabinet, tunnel oven, discharging zone
- n. 1 powder painting cabinet

Handling services

- Overhead travelling crane capacity 3,2 tons
- N.1 jib crane capacity 500 kg
- N. 3 fork lifts up to 40 quintals

The industrial painting dept. Is equipped for the painting of the big dimensions structures, weight and encumbrances. Powder and liquid painting are used without any difficulty in order to meet every particular customerís exigencies.

The dept is provided with a technical/administrative office for the responsible people.