Metal Sheet Department

The metal sheet department, counts 5 operators using the laser cut, press-bending, cutting and stamping machines.

The department disposes of the following equipments:

- Machine laser TRUMPF model TRULASER3040, cutting range 2000x4000mm, P= 5000W

- Automatic system of charging and discharging ANTIL sheet, max format 4000x2000 mm

- Press-bending machine TRUMPF model TRUBEND80, fold length 2000mm, power 80ton.

- Press-bending machine TRUMPF model TRUBEND200, fold length 4000mm, power 200ton.

- Press-bending machine TRUMPF model TRUEBEND 5230, fold length 4000mm, power 320ton.

- Punching machine TRUMPF model TRUMATIC200, max format 1250x2000mm, max thickness 6mm, P=5000W

- Shearing machine COLGAR, lenght 4000 mm, thickness 6 mm

Services and handlings
- N. 3 jib cranes capacity 500 kg
- N. 1 jib crane capacity 2000 kg
- Forklift capacity 30 quintals