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Company was born in 1972 for initiative of his founder, Leonardo Ciolini, as a little hand-crafted company for metallic carpentry construction.

The dedication and long-term outlook of his founder allows the company to have a constant growing in terms of volume and, as consequence, the increasing of the operators that brings, in 1994, to a modification of the constitutive act into the actual denomination of "Officine Meccaniche Ciolini Srl".

The company takes up about construction for third party of cut and press-bend metal sheet, construction of metallic carpentry from medium-light to heavy, powder industrial painting, mounting and cabling at the board of the machine of under groups or completed implants.

The constant investments that allows the company to have a productive completed cycle affords the company to be highly competitive and qualified in the completed construction of "turnkey" implants.

In this sense, the company cooperates with important industrial realities very active in different sectors, such as the process for the corrugated cardboard, construction of fiberglass pipes, construction of transport systems for shipment packages, security systems for the banks, furniture components, and many more sectors.

The important technologies and the highly-qualified human resources guarantee to the customer an high level of competence, organization and flexibility. The company operates on 3 plants for a total of 5000 sm for the production and 600 sm for the offices, with a total of 39 operators.

The company is composed by 5 indipendent operative departments but integrated in the productive process such as: